Germaine Kruip, Counter Movement #indy2014 (at Independent)

Be intent on action,
Not on the fruits of action;
Avoid attraction to the fruits
And attachment to inaction!

Perform actions, firm in discipline,
Relinquishing attachment;
Be impartial to failure and success—-
This equanimity is called discipline.

The Bhagavad-Gita

A couple weeks ago when I asked a gallery girl what her thoughts were on the current Richard Serra work at Gagosian Gallery she said… it’s boring, it’s been done. I had not seen the work so offering an agreeable (or countering) opinion would only be a waste of my time. Frankly, I expected a thoughtful response from an art connoisseur but in all fairness this was at a dance party during an attempt to chat.  

After visiting, an over thoughtful response:

The Gagosian space on 24th Street is meant for massive installations,  the entrance invites you to self guide right or left, each side opening up into warehouse gallery. 

I think only appropriate to acknowledge the space, the space of a gallery as opposed to a museum or the outside. Considering that Serra’s works are encountered in all these spaces —- and in each space exclaim their sculptural prowess. 

En plein air, the iron slates stand without constrictions. With enough room around the work it might blend into the surrounding architecture or stand without menace. In a gallery, the structures invade the space and obstructs your experience as you walk through it. (Note that this can also be true at a museum but at this point the work no longer stands alone, it carries institutional and educational jargon, labels, and expectations.) 

In the gallery,  the work stands alone. For Serra, quite literally, 7 Plates, 6 Angles of weatherproof steel create a jagged path across the site. The steel slab towers above about a meter and a half, walking along side it the surface reveals imperfections. Texture and color variations add a sense of stillness, each area is different and guides you across the surface. Walk into the angles, feel the steel plates meet with you at the center, they can hold you in place, a backbone or they can crush you, enclose you in a steel case. 

In the next space, Intervals, a graveyard of stales. They vary slightly in length and height, stand one behind the other. It’s reminiscent of a cemetery, a set of dominos, but to me a reminder of the The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. Walking through it you are engulfed into the massive quality of each slab of cold steel. Not surprising, each side appears to have gestures of running water. Side landscapes that catch your eye as you walk past. 

A sense of lost space, invaded surroundings, and the art of weathered steel have only been done by Serra, each time a different experience to be appreciated. 


I heard this about three years ago, now here it is again! 

"For the first couple years you make stuff, it’s just not that good. It’s trying to be good, it has potential, but it’s not. But your taste, the thing that got you into the game, is still killer. And your taste is why your work disappoints you. A lot of people never get past this phase, they quit."

"Don’t quit" —- I’ve heard this a lot but somehow Ira’s sexy voice make it more memorable. 

As far as I can make out, edgy occurs when middlebrow, middle-aged profiteers are looking to suck the energy — not to mention the spending money — out of the “youth culture.” So they come up with this fake concept of seeming to be dangerous when every move they make is the result of market research and a corporate master plan.
Daria Morgendorffer (via sayitaintsho)

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Me asomé a la ventana y en lugar de jardín hallé la noche
enteramente constelada de nieve

La nieve hace tangible el silencio y es el desplome de la
luz y se apaga

La nieve no quiere decir nada: Es sólo una pregunta que
deja caer millones de signos de interrogación sobre el

Poema Noche Y Nieve

José Emilio Pacheco


Unlike gold and diamonds, art has this other value, and that’s what makes it fascinating. Everything else is trying to sell you something else. Art is trying to sell you yourself. That’s what is different about it. Art is what makes life worth living.
Keith Tyson, Seven Days in the Art World by Sarah Thornton 

Conversation Notes

On: Chinese mushrooms, cigarettes, and philosophy

Where: Allen St. & Hester St. - Chinatown .

Who: This lady

A peculiar conversation or everyday thoughts.

Do you remember that bird? It was a huge bird,perched on a far off antenna.

What is education? Who needs it? What is it? Why is todays model insufficient and counterintuitive to what the world needs? Where are our skills and observations? Our reverence to LIFE and mother-earth?

An interplay of we are what we eat and we are what we do. Sensitivity to sound, scenery, people… emotion and spirituality. Perhaps only jargon but one must have a vision, live with your passions. If you lose them you’ll lose yourself. Envision what your life will be , what you want it to be. Prepare to work and live by it. There is nothing wrong to starting a draft on your life manifesto, the architectural design, or budget plan to your life. Just keep thinking. 

Oh the 90’s. I love it. 

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